Hi, this is Lonnie, and I’m really glad that you decided to check out my blog!

The focus of this blog is to provide information and resources that will help propel Internet Marketing “to the Future”. Marketing is constantly evolving and with the latest trends, including Artificial Intelligence, there are a lot of opportunities for real growth. Without understanding those trends, you can be left behind trying to figure out what happened.

I have a passion for technology and am constantly learning. My goal is to bring you along with me on that journey of knowledge and help you become successful.

Who is Lonnie Wall?

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and currently live in a small Pennsylvania Borough named Jacobus. Over the years I’ve had three major careers and am embarking on a new adventure in Internet Marketing. In my younger years I worked as an electrician, alarm installer, maintenance man, etc. However, I had a childhood passion to become a professional pilot and worked towards that by taking flight lessons and attending college at night to make my dream a reality.

I eventually became a professional pilot through hard work and dedication, and I loved the job. During that time, I also discovered a passion in electronics and computers. I’m always learning new things and eventually built my first computer, which is when my interest in computers really took off. I taught myself how to write software and started running a Bulletin Board System (BBS) through dial-up connections before the Internet started. In addition, I wrote public domain software and software for the airlines I was working for.

The only downside to life as a pilot was the lack of stability. I was furloughed twice, forced to move and downgraded in position due to restructure and union rules. My wife finally gave me an ultimatum, it was my career or her. I chose her of course and decided to turn my hobby with computers into a profession. Since I was self taught I thought it may be difficult to compete. Boy was I wrong, I was able to land a consulting job quickly and my career in software took off from there.

That happened in the early 90s. Since then, I’ve published three technical books on different subjects from software architecture to web service security. I worked as a consultant for 20 years with the last 15 years as a Principal Architect. From there I moved to a more stable position as a Senior Software Engineer for a major University. However, my passion to constantly learn and grow has never stopped.

Entering the World of Internet Marketing

Sometime around 2016 I became very interested in Internet Marketing and dove in, learn, and turn that into an opportunity to earn extra income. I do have an awesome job that I love, which I’m very grateful for. However, we have a single income in my family and to be honest I haven’t planned very well for retirement, which was looming ahead. I looked at Internet Marketing as a way to earn a lot of extra money, get rid of all debt, and retire in style when the time came.

What I’ve found is that while there are a lot of successful Internet Marketers, it is not an industry where you can “get rich quick”. That doesn’t mean you can’t be successful, but it takes some work. I tried many things over a four-year period.

  • MLM marketing, which turned out to be focused on an extremely high priced single product. There was no room to succeed long term.
  • Affiliate marketing website that had you focus on a single niche with no guidance on how to be successful. Just put up a website you had to pay monthly for and sit around waiting for people to visit your site. The owners of that site sure made good money.
  • Drop Shipping, the only place you could get approved to sell products for was a Chinese company that took three weeks to ship products. It was very difficult to get US based wholesalers to accept you as a merchant.
  • Shiny new object syndrome. I was trying one product after another with high hopes and no actual progress. After more than a month, I had a whopping 20 email subscribers and had not sold anything. At least I made some progress.

Taking the Next Step

I’m not the type of person to give up, but I realized that something had to change in how I was approaching the world of Internet Marketing. I needed real guidance from someone who was successful and will help me succeed. This is where the Partnership to Success program from John Thornhill finally entered my life.

If you haven’t seen any of John’s webinars, I would strongly suggest checking them out. He teaches a lot of very useful information and provides opportunities to help you succeed. You can see the latest webinar here, where you’ll learn what it really takes to be successful.

Marketing to the Future

Back to where we started. As mentioned, I have a passion for technology and am always learning new things. Throughout this blog I will explore the latest technical trends in Internet Marketing, which includes looking at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way that marketing works.

For instance, Chat Bots are one of the latest trends that can use AI to provide meaningful interaction with customers and drastically improve conversions rates or help keep customers.

I want to help guide you through this ever changing landscape, providing information and solutions that will help you grow.

I will also take you through my journey in John’s program as he guides myself and others towards success as an Online Entrepreneur in Internet Marketing.

To your success!
Lonnie Wall